About Us

Brown Bag Bagels, LLC

Growing up in New Jersey, the owner of Brown Bag Bagels, LLC regularly enjoyed NYC style bagels.  Norm moved to North Carolina in 1994 to attend Campbell University, and with the exception of a few year stint in Michigan, has lived in Wake County, NC ever since.  The birth of Brown Bag Bagels stems not only out of his love of fresh baked NYC style bagels, but the lack of their availability in the area.  Our mission is to bring authentic NYC style bagels to Eastern Wake County and the surrounding area.  

Brown Bag Bagels, LLC is East Wake County's premier baker for these delicious breakfast treats.  We are family owned and operated. Our mobile food restaurant is equipped to provide your next event with fresh baked bagels and breakfast bagel sandwiches and great coffee. 


Our bagels are made in small batches to ensure maximum freshness. We do not use preservatives of any kind. In fact, we use unbleached, un-bromated flour which costs us more...but it tastes better and, according to some research, is better for you.  Our base ingredients are simply flour, yeast, water, malt and salt.  In true NYC fashion, we hand roll, boil and bake our bagels.  We do not ship in our dough.  We do not buy pre-made or par-baked bagels. We do not use machines to make the holes in our bagels.  

We do make the dough every day.  We do bake them fresh every day.  We do sell out of many of our flavors quickly (especially on Saturday and Sunday), so please consider pre-ordering.  We cannot stress enough that this is the only way to guarantee that we'll have your favorite in stock.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.