Brown Bag Bagels, LLC

There are a few ways to get you hands on our bagels.  The first is to simply utilize the order form on this page. Or, give us a call. Remember that we only bake in small batches and that our bagels are a two day process.  This means when you place an order, we make them to order, just for you!! We're your personal bagel bakers! However, if you need an order quickly, call us and we can tell you what is readily available. This guarantees freshness and the best tasting bagels around.   

THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE WE WILL HAVE THE FLAVOR YOU WANT IS TO PRE-ORDER!!! We sell out quickly at the store and the truck despite the fact that we do our best to have enough in stock. Also know - we can mix and match seeds and toppings to your taste.

You can also get our bagels at these great coffee shops:

BREW at Seaboard Station, Raleigh, NC

BREW at the Cary Theatre, Cary, NC

Boulevard Coffee House, Clayton, NC

As bagel chips at The Whiskey Kitchen in Downtown Raleigh.