Brown Bag Bagels, LLC

​​How long has Brown Bag Bagels been in business?
      - We first opened our doors in a little storefront in Downtown Wendell, Memorial Day weekend, 2015. That storefront has since closed as we transferred the business to the foodtruck and wholesale side of things in 2016. The food truck was the initial goal from the start and we have proudly served this area going on 7 years. 

Are your bagels "from scratch"?

     - Yes. We make them by hand using simple ingredients like flour, yeast, salt and malt. We do not use any presevatives.

Where do you make them?

     - We make them in our facitility in Clayton, NC.

Is your facility also a storefront?

     - No. Our facility is a bakery only and is not open to the general public. 

Why do you say "New York Style" bagels and not just "New York bagels"?

     - Good question. We do some things a bit different than what you may see in good ole NYC. Generally, it is the same process. We hand roll; we proof in the fridge overnight; we boil; we bake. There are some differences in equipment used from traditional NYC shops which is why we opted to say "style". We stay as true to it as we possibly can. We are much closer to a NYC bagel than big chains and grocery store bagels, however. This is for several reasons. First, we hand roll. This makes the bagels have different shapes and sizes. Almost like a snowflake, no 2 bagels in a batch will be exactly the same. Most chains use bagel forming machines. They'll be perfect in shape and size. In other words, they'll have no character. Secondly, we let our bagels sit overnight, letting the gluten and yeast develop which gives a bagel a great flavor and texture. Other places let them proof for an hour or 2 before the next step.  Third, we actually boil the bagels rather than use steam injected ovens. Yes, their way is faster. But we like the flavor and color in a bagel actually boiled in malt water much better. 


What if I want bagels in bulk, say a dozen?

     - Please let us know by Monday of the week you'd like to pick them up and we will have them ready for pick up when our truck is out. Subject to availability. 

Do you have gluten free bagels?

     - No. We use high gluten flour in our facility and therefore cannot make gluten free items as our kitchen cannot be certified as "gluten free". 

Are your bagels vegan?

     -Some are, some aren't. In general, there is no dairy in our bagel dough. So bagel flavors like plain, blueberry, cinnamon raisin, chocolate chip, cinnamon chip are. The exceptions are as follows:

          - Seeded bagels (everything, poppy, sesame, onion, garlic) - these are egg washed prior to the toppings added

          - Bacon Cheddar and Jalepeno Cheddar bagels - have cheese in the dough and on top of the bagels and, as the                   name suggests, Bacon Cheddar also has bacon in the dough.

     - Please keep in mind that all are bagels are made in the same facility so items do sometimes come in contact with each other. We cannot guarantee that one flavor of bagel will be free of any kind of allergen.

Where does your truck go?

     - We generally serve the Wake and Johnston County areas with some surrounding locations. But, mostly, we like to hang out at C.E. Barnes Store in Archer Lodge. We also frequent the Nash County Famers Market in Rocky Mount and the Midtown Farm Fresh Market in North Hills. The easiest way to find us is to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Street Food Finder. 

Do you take your truck to other events and is there a fee?

     - Sometimes we are available to go to different venues and events. We do require a minimum guarantee regardless of event or location with a non-refundable deposit towards that guarantee (with some exceptions for deposit refund). Further details regarding the guarantee and deposit can be discussed after you contact us about your event or venue. Before you contact us regarding your event or venue, please continue reading. 

     -We will not come to an event if your event requires us to pay you a vendor or parking fee. We will consider events that are fundraisers in which the organizer is looking for a % of sales.  

     -We do not go to events or venues after 2pm (we are a breakfast truck, after all)

     -If your event is located in a housing development or apartment complex, we will need explicit written permission from your HOA board or governing board to allow us to park on the property. No exceptions.

     -Our mobile unit is a towed trailer with a Ram truck which we will not de-couple. Your event/venue should have enough space to accomodate both tow vehicle and trailer. 

     -Our mobile unit does run on generator power. Though we use inverter generators (which are quieter that normal portable generators), they do still emit some sound. Please make sure your event and venue will allow the use of these generators - OR - provide a 30amp or 50amp plug in (i.e, 4 prong dryer cord outlet) for us to plug into instead of using the generators. We will be happy to pay a small fee for the use of your electricity and any other amenities, such as WiFi and garbage disposal, that you provide. 


Can you cater events without the food truck? Maybe a convention or meeting?

     - It depends on what you're looking to do but we can hear you out and see if we can accommodate. 

I am opening a new coffee shop. Do you wholesale your bagels and if so, what's the price?

     - Congratulations on your new venture. At this time are wholesale operations have ceased.