We are a locally owned and operated food truck and bagel wholesaler. We hand-roll, boil and bake all of our bagels. If you'd like to order bagels for pick up at our truck locations, or for home delivery or for your breakfast event, please go to our order page.  If you'd like to book our truck for your event or have questions about wholesale, please go to our contact page.  Thank you. 

NY Style Bagel Food Truck and Wholesaler 

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Brown Bag Bagels, LLC

Allergens:  We use products that contain gluten, bacon, cheese, milk eggs and nuts.  Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for your choices.  Please ask for ingredients if you are unsure if our products fit your dietary needs.  Thank you. 

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10/12 - 8a - 11a - C.E. Barnes Store

10/16 - 6:30a - 9:30a - Baker Roofing, Raleigh
10/17 - 6:30a - 9:30a - C.E. Barnes Store
10/18 - 6:30a - 9:30a - Swift Mart (Marshburn and HWY97, Wendell)

10/19 - 8a - 11a - C.E. Barnes Store

10/23 - 7a - 10a - DHHS, 4312 District Dr. Raleigh

10/24 - 6:30a - 9:30a - C.E. Barnes Store

10/25 - 6:30a - 9:30a - C.E. Barnes Store

10/25 - 11:00a - 12:30p - East Wake Academy

10/26 - 8a - 11a - C.E. Barnes Store